Birds of SnoCo

View From Here ~ Snohomish County

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I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the birds of Snohomish County.  I love spotting them while we are out and about working on the magazine, especially the unusual and unknown. I’d like to say that I love taking pictures of them as well, but that’s where the hate part of the relationship comes in. You see, birds in Snohomish County, they hate me taking their picture. 

 Unlike deer, who will generally let you stop, stare, and take photos to your hearts content, birds like to fly away from me. First, however, they like to let me get good and close, in perfect position to take a picture, before they do it. It’s almost like they are teasing me with getting the perfect picture, only to look at me and say NOPE!!! in the second before I can take it.

It’s happened so many times, I could probably start an Instagram account dedicated to bird butts (I don’t think that would be as cute as the one for bee butts). The good news, I’ve still managed to get some good, not butt, shots in. Here they are!

Turkey Vulture ~ Monroe, WA (we’ve seen them several times in Darrington too)

Steller’s Jay ~ Big 4 Ice Caves near Granite Falls, WA

Blue Heron ~ Lake Stevens, WA

Grouse ~ Near North Fork Sauk Falls on FS-49, along Mountain Loop Highway

Bald Eagles ~ Lake Stevens, WA

European Starling ~ Edmonds Marsh Sanctuary in Edmonds, WA

Swallow ~ Suiattle River Road in Darrington, WA

Red Winged Blackbird ~ North Centennial Trail (Nakashima  Barn) in Arlington, WA

Barred Owl ~ Near Lake 22 trailhead, along Mountain Loop Highway

Bald Eagle ~ Arlington, WA

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