Redeeming The Past

 Rustic Redemption, Granite Falls

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You don’t have to look far to find and antique or vintage style shop in Snohomish County. That’s doesn’t mean that they are all the same though. Actually that’s probably a silly thing to say. Of course they aren’t the same. That’s the very nature of old things, you never know what you are going to find where. That’s not what I was referring too though.

What I meant, was that some shops focus on old things that are good to go as is, while others focus on old things made new with a bit of paint. That’s not all! There are more still who focus on carrying the kind of things you can reuse or repurpose to create something, still old, but uniquely your own.

Rustic Redemption mainly falls into the last category, and that’s why we love it so much. When we walk through the doors, we know we are going to find things that are not only non-traditional, but things that make us stop and think … what could I do with that? It’s the kind of local adventure that is right up our alley!

Actually, it’s more like a playground for The SnoCo Kid, who can spend hours browsing the shop. In her room, you will find bags and shelves full of more potential projects than she can possibly work on at one time. She see’s something in everything and is always thinking ahead to what she could combine and create in the future.

Rustic Redemption has played a huge role in that, from merely carrying the things she needs to create, to inspiring her need to create in the first place because of what she finds there. Her favorite thing, and first stop when we visit, is the junk drawers, which are full of all kinds of odds and ends. Things she likes to refer to as “jingle jangles.”

Rustic Redemption is a special place, one where you will find old things just waiting to become something more. It is one of our favorite shops in Snohomish County, and mother/daughter owners Patty and Katee or some of our favorite people. In fact, I’m surprised it’s taken so long to interview them, but here goes …

What kinds of items can people find when shopping at Rustic Redemption?

Katee: Because our passion is redeeming lost things, you will find a mix of vintage, repurposed, and antique items within our shop. Everything from enamelware and furniture to all kinds of home decor. There are also plenty of treasures for making your own projects and custom creations using our line of all natural Wise Owl products and our “junk drawers” full of trinkets waiting to be repurposed. We also carry new items from local makers, like hand painted signs, jewelry, and beauty products.

Where do you find the items that you sell in your shop?

Katee: Here, there and everywhere! We used to find the majority of items we sell at estate sales, but now a lot things come to us through clients who allow us to come pick through their barns or bring unique items into the shop to show us. We also do picking trips across the country every couple years. If you find a tag in the shop marked with a heart and a state abbreviation that came from one of our trips, and if you ask it about it, we’ll usually have a story to go with it.

What kind of classes and project opportunities do you offer in your shop?

Patty: We offer many different project workshops that teach painting and sealing techniques so that you can use on your own projects in the future, You can see a full list of workshops on We are also in the process of launching a once a month kid’s craft project and a once a month ladies coffee and create on Saturday mornings. These will be simple crafts projects that any skill level can enjoy, and a perfect opportunity to meet new people in the community too!

What made you open your own shop?

Katee: That definitely was a God thing! A full-time shop was never part of our dream or plan. We had opened a barn shop on our property, a once or twice a month. But as our business outgrew our home, we started looking for a space to work and store our inventory. That’s when the Lord brought us to this little shop in Granite Falls. We intended to have it be simply a workspace, but people were always peeking in and wanting to know when we planned on opening. So, here we are over 3 years later with our own shop, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! It’s been such an incredible journey and we have grown so much since then, as individuals and into our new location across the street from the old one.

What is your favorite thing about owning the shop?

Katee: Definitely the connection to our customers! Before, when we were a vendor at another shop, we didn’t get the opportunity to form a personal connection to our guests. It’s so cool being able to tell the stories behind the pieces and to see how our customers incorporate things into their homes. Our favorite things to see are when we have inspired someone to create something of their own using things found in our shop.

Patty: I love being able to help people, either directly, or by being able to point them in the right direction to someone who I can, I love the connections and the friendships that build over time and I love when, together, we can come up with the perfect option for decorating a specific spot in their home, find the perfect gift for someone, or just simply enjoying some community and conversation while they browse. 

What is it like working as a mother/daughter team?

Katee: It’s such a unique dynamic. We have developed more of a best friend relationship, than mother and daughter one, which makes it both fun and really hard to leave work behind. Our husbands get a little sick of us spending a dinner out talking business. Over the years, we have learned to embrace our differences and allow each other to really shine in our individual strengths, which in turn has, I think, deepened our friendship outside of running a shop together. I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else!

Patty: As we’ve grown as business partners, the mother daughter aspect of our relationship has really taken a backseat. We truly are best friends. We lean on, and encourage each other. We laugh ourselves silly while up at midnight trying to finish a project, and we push each other to try harder and grow, not just in business but as individuals.

How important has the community of Granite Falls been to local businesses like yours?

Katee: Having the support of our community has made all the difference. Being in a small town creates this unique bond between businesses and customers because most of them are also neighbors and friends (and if not yet, then by the time they leave!). Last fall a huge rainstorm flooded our shop and the community showed up. Late at night, and in the weeks that followed, they were there helping us to pull through and get reopened. We cannot say enough how grateful we are, and as a small business we cannot encourage our customers and those we meet enough to support the businesses in their community. You all keep us going! 

Where are some of your favorite places to shop local in Granite Falls and beyond?

Katee: I’m not going to lie, my favorite places involve coffee and food. Hook Line Espresso in Granite Falls is my go to for on the go coffee (Because when am I not on the go?!?) and Playa Bonita in Granite Falls is my absolute favorite place to go out to eat!

Outside of our community, I usually head to Arlington for retail therapy. Sasafrass Antiques is the store we used to be a vendor at, and we still love it! There is also Reclaimed Heart which is a super fun shop to explore. I also love Finders Keepers in Marysville. It’s like a fun treasure hunt and you never know what you will find.

Patty: I’m a lot more practical with my spending! I love our local grocery,IGA. It is so nice being able to get groceries without having to leave town and to have a cashier who knows me by name! Granite Falls Ace Hardware too. We loved them long before we opened our shop, but having a hardware with such a super helpful staff has been an amazing blessing to our business. Its so convenient being able to run across the street and grab a bottle of glue, a specific screw, brackets or nails right when we need them.

 You can find Rustic Redemption at 105 S Granite Ave in Granite Falls

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