A Bread & Potatoes Kind of Place

Cabbage Patch Restaurant, Snohomish 

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I know, I know, the saying is meat and potatoes … but that’s not the combination Cabbage Patch Restaurant in Snohomish does best. Instead their culinary talents lie slightly elsewhere, but that’s okay. Every local restaurant has their specialities, things that make them unique from everyone else, especially those pesky national chains that all serve the same old same old.

At “The Patch” (no, I didn’t make that up, they are totally referred to as that), they are more than well known for their flour filled concoctions. Instead of boring toast and breadsticks, meals are kicked off with fresh and delicious homemade style scones or bread. They are just a little treat to get your meal started off right. 

Starters aside, breakfast at The Patch isn’t complete without indulging in some of their big and fluffy pancakes. If you are not someone that usually would, take this into consideration … I make AMAZING pancakes, and because of that I am rarely impressed with the pancake offerings found at restaurants, local or otherwise, and believe me we have tried a lot of them. 

Pancakes are a breakfast necessity for me, so anywhere we eat the meal, we try them. Yep, even knowing I’m likely to be disappointed. I can’t help it, I have to. The pancakes at The Patch were a pleasant and welcome surprise, having a similar taste to their equally delicious scones. They do fall apart a bit, as scones do, but the taste more than makes up for that.

Skipping ahead to dessert (I’d eat dessert before dinner any day, so of course I’m talking about it first), their homemade dishes are to die for. The Patch is home to over ten different pies, ranging from the traditional apple to fudgy walnut. Each is made daily using real cream and butter. I’m drooling just thinking about it, and I’m not even the one that ordered it when we dropped in. Hey, what can I say, nothing beats fresh pie, especially when you are known for messing them up when baking at home (I’m not always perfect in the kitchen, just most of the time). 

So what was my dessert of choice? I went with their Old Fashioned Bread Pudding. My reasons are simple. One, I’ve had a thing for bread pudding since sampling the one served at Chanterelle in Edmonds. Two, it features their house made Bourbon sauce. I’ve become of the spirit recently. 

As with the pancakes, I was once again in for a surprise. They may call it old fashioned, but it is not your traditional bread pudding. Instead, it is made baked french toast style and topped with custard that will remind you of cinnamon rolls. Its delicious, and like breakfast for dessert. You can have breakfast for dinner, so why not. I definitely recommend it. 

Getting back to the main courses, honestly there’s not a lot to say. We’ve tried breakfast, lunch, and dinner there, and it’s average fare for a homemade/traditional style diner or restaurant. It’s not exceptionally good, but its not entirely bad either. It’s good enough that they have been in business for 44 years this June. That’s enough of a reason to give it a try.

Whatever the time of day, the potatoes, served in various ways, are The Patch’s saving grace. Along with the breads, pancakes, and desserts of course. You’re probably catching on to the name of this feature now! They are delicious enough to make up for whatever you might find lacking in the rest of their dishes. That was certainly the case for us.

Again, if in doubt, take this into consideration … The SnoCo Kid LOVES potatoes, anyway she can get them, and the ones at The Patch are up there with her favorites when it comes to local restaurants. I’d have to agree with her there, they are pretty darn good.

When it comes to breakfast, they come in the form of patch potatoes or potato cakes. I’ve said it before when we featured Maltby Cafe, I’m more of a hashbrowns kind of gal, but red potatoes served country style at both got to me. Despite the fact that their eggs and meats are nothing to write home about, the potatoes, scones, and pancakes are more than enough to make breakfast the meal I recommend. It’s the next best thing when Jake’s on 2nd is full, as it usually is.

Moving on to lunch and dinner, the potatoes have it again. Burgers and sandwiches, which are a good choice thanks to fresh produce, come with the option of their amazing fries, Jo Jo’s, or potato cakes. Their other meat based dishes come with baked or mashed potatoes, and while we didn’t try these, I’m think its safe to say they are probably equally amazing.

Unfortunately, that is where the good things to say about their food end. I wish I’d tried one of the meat dishes, but I opted instead for pasta. It was a bad decision on my part and I probably should have known that. Pasta is more of a fancy or Italian restaurant thing, it’s rarely all that good anywhere else.

I opted for the burnt butter fettuccine, First off, I will say the bread was delicious, of course. Everything else was just bad. The pasta was under cooked and too dry, it was more oily then buttery, the cheese was … weird, and the chicken, which was supposed to be charbroiled, really wasn’t. It was almost like it was cooked a different way then browned a bit after the fact.

Sadly, the dish became one of less than a handful of ones in the history of local restaurants we’ve eaten at that I couldn’t finish. Believe me, in the interest of not wasting food or money, I tried, I just couldn’t do it and neither could the others at our table. I was thankfully saved by half a burger from one of the kids. So glad I taught them how to share. 

Overall, when it comes to the food, if you are a dessert person or LOVE potatoes like The SnoCo Kid, this is a good spot for you to try out. If you are looking for all around really good food, maybe not so much. Don’t necessarily write The Patch off for that reason alone though. It has other points of interest besides food.

The atmosphere is absolutely amazing. As is the case with most of Historic Downtown Snohomish, Cabbage Patch Restaurant, is located in a really old building. 1905 to be exact. The stained glass at the door and throughout is absolutely beautiful and the decor is like being transported back in time.

One of my favorite things is the hodgepodge of antique and vintage decor. The tables, chairs, and more are not only old, but different from one place setting to the next. I happen to dig restaurants like that (Willow & Jim’s in Silvana is the same). It’s yet another thing that makes an already unique local restaurant even more unique. Plus I dig old stuff too, so there’s that.

As cool as all of that is, I still haven’t gotten to the most interesting thing about The Patch’s atmosphere, or the restaurant in general. That title goes to the possibility a experiencing a haunting while there. Guests and employees alike have reporting seeing or feeling the little girl and man that are known to haunt the restaurant. While we have never experienced anything there, it’s enough to stop in, eat there, and see if you can.

So, if you are looking to get up close and personal with some ghosts, experience a bit of history, or just good dessert, then give the Cabbage Patch Restaurant a try. And, if you do happen to find yourself in the middle of a haunting, let me know, I’d love to hear about it! 

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