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Snohomish might be the antique capital of the Pacific Northwest, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more places in Snohomish County for you to pick up a little something (or big something) old. The antique shops featured on this list are just a small sampling of the many that can be found in our county, although they do fairly represent the largest of them. That means there are lots of little ones out there for you to discover and explore. P.S. Sometimes those ones have some awesome hidden treasures.

This is all coming from someone who, up until starting Live the SnoCo Life, wasn’t all that into antiques. Like most, I spent a lot of time thinking new was better. What changed? When I made the shift to a think local first mindset, finding what I wanted an needed often required thinking outside the box. Buying new isn’t always an option locally, but you can find pretty much anything when it comes to antiques and it won’t just be old, what you find will be unique. Thanks to them we now have a collection of antique camping gear, including a folding table and cooler. We also have a collection of kitchen tools and gadgets, not to mention a lot of decor items (I collect mini vases and pitchers, it’s weird, but I love them) and furniture. Once we got started, we couldn’t stop.

For this list, factors considered were the size of the shop, variety offered, turnover rate for new items, and uniqueness, that little something that makes one shop different than all the rest. Without further ado, here’s this months list …

# 1 – Antique Station Victoria Village, Snohomish

1108 1st St, Snohomish

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even know Antique Station in Victoria Village even existed before a year ago. Part of the reason for this is that, despite its 1st St location in Historic Downtown Snohomish, it’s appearance is a bit deceiving. If you don’t take the time to go inside, or at least get a good peek in the windows or doors, then you would have no idea just how massive the shop is.

With two floors, 20,000 sqft, and 70+ vendors featured, Antique Station is one of the largest antique shops in Snohomish County. As far as I’m concerned it is actually the largest in terms of the volume of antiques, books and jewelry aside, to be found. Each booth is packed with old stuff, requiring you to really get into them and explore. Trust me you will want to given the wide variety of items that can be found throughout.

We have made multiple visits over the last year and still haven’t manage to see everything, which is a challenge in an of itself considering vendors are always bringing in new things, or rotating out old things. That means its pretty easy to miss out on something, but that’s part of the fun when it comes to antique shopping right?

# 2 – M&M Antiques, Monroe

 Main Street (New Location), Monroe

M&M Antiques and Collectibles in Monroe is another good size antique shop. It is home to 30+ vendors and, like Antique Station, the booths are for the most part packed with old stuff and feature a good variety. More importantly, the shop is a refreshing option in a city that is overflowing with vintage style shops (old stuff made new).

If you need evidence of just how amazing this shop is, it has scored our #2 spot even though we’ve only been there one time. What can I say, it made quite the impression, that and I don’t think I’ve ever wanted so many things at once from one shop before. I said no to myself A LOT that day, but I did walk away with a crystal cake stand that has stared in photos of our dessert recipes and the start of my mini collection of pastry tongs (I love the detail on some).

Just thinking about what we left behind that day has got me itching for another visit, and not just to see all the new old stuff found there. It is also one of two shops in Snohomish County where you can find the art work of Crooksy Creations, which takes old stuff and combines it into some slightly creepy, weird, and fascinating pieces (catch photos and our interview with the artist on the Shop section of our website).

# 3 – Finders Keepers Furnishings, Marysville

 1517 3rd St, Marysville

Finders Keepers is awesome for a couple of reasons. First off, a good portion of the featured vendors offer furniture, a lot of it more practical and lower priced than other shops. If you like painting old furniture, it is a good spot to pick something decent up for a good price. My night stand, painted during a class with Dahlia’s (then Camano, now Arlington), was from there, and I LOVE it (class review and photos are on the Play section of our website). Second, you can find vintage items and furniture (actual vintage, not old made new), mixed in with the antiques. Fees Fabulous Finds is the perfect example of that, her booth has a mix of mid-century, retro, and vintage that is always changing. Finally, there is enough item turnover, variety, and vendors, to make the shop worth exploring on a regular basis. It doesn’t hurt that the owner is pretty awesome as well!

#4 – Old Town Antiques, Stanwood

 10111 270th St NW, Stanwood

Old Town Antiques is another shop that made quite the impression despite us only having visited it once. Why? Okay, I’m going to confess, even though it might already be obvious at this point, I like antique shops that are packed full. When you can just breeze through and take things in, it’s too easy to overlook and miss things. There is just something fun and satisfying about having to actually go into booths, and look through things, really explore. This shop has two floors where you can do just that and enough variety to keep things interesting. When we stopped by I scored some old fashioned measuring cups (yes, I actually use them), and some additions to my painted glass bell mini collection. I have a weird obsession with detailed things when it comes to my collections.

#5 – Rustic Redemption, Granite Falls

105 S Granite Ave, Granite Falls

Rustic Redemption proves that size doesn’t matter. The SnoCo Kid has spent countless hours getting lost in this shop, making it her favorite antique shop. Fortunately we both love it for the same reasons, so I don’t mind spending those hours with her. Notable things … This is the only shop on this list that doesn’t have vendors or booths, what you find is all items personally picked by the mother/daughter duo that own it. The shop is the perfect place for those looking to give a bit of an old twist to their home decor. It is also the perfect place to find a project. They have all kinds of odds and ends that are just waiting for you to discover a new purpose for them. Catch our interview with the owners on the Shop section of our website.

#6 – Sassafras Antiques, Arlington

301 N Olympic Ave, Arlington

While fairly focused on home decor and everyday items for your home, Sassafras also sometimes packs some pretty cool treasures if you are willing to take the time to look. Our major score there was an antique metal folding camping table. It is right up there on the list of favorite things I own, not just because we use it so much, but its old status means banging it around and getting it dirty don’t matter, and its metal construction makes it the perfect lean-to for a campfire when it starts to pour down rain (it saved our fire multiple times on the same day during a disaster filled trip last summer). Treasure finding aside, this is also one of my favorite shops to visit during the holidays thanks to vendors getting festive with their items.

#7 – Star Center Antique Mall, Snohomish

829 2nd St, Snohomish

I know, I know, most of you were probably thinking this one would be #1. I get it, I do. It is technically the largest, both in terms of space and the number of vendors featured, but I have some issues with it that got it the #7 spot instead. This used to me my favorite shop, I bought my share of Nancy Drew books there as a kid and have indulged myself in more than a few pieces of jewelry from there but … that is one of the issues. Variety is a bit lacking as the mall and its vendors feature A LOT of books, A LOT of jewelry, and A LOT of glass items (although I will say I love all the color and uniqueness of those items). My other issue is, when we go there, not a lot changes over time, other than the fact that more and more booths are emptying out, either becoming more sparse or becoming vacant. I’m hopeful that things will turn around and it is fun to explore regardless.

#8 – Le Vintage Finds, Marysville

1515 3rd St, Marysville

Don’t let the name fool you, this shop is more antique then it is vintage. And, while it is definitely on the smaller side, it more than makes up for that will the ever changing selection offered by its vendors, items that are always beautifully organized and displayed by each and every one, and often themed. Le Vintage Finds is by far the most beautiful of Snohomish County’s antique shops. It is also a good spot to find more medium to large size, as well as unique, items. Being non-traditional is part of what makes local businesses better, just saying. My purchases there range from a cast iron muffin pan that we used to pour bug repellent camping candles into to a serious deal on a silver setting that could survive our large family gatherings. I even almost got an antique Ouija Board, but when I texted my kids about it, they shot that down. scaredy pants!

#9 – The Red Door, Gold Bar

301 Croft Ave W, Gold Bar

Red Door is yet another antique shop that proves size doesn’t matter. It might be small, but its vendor booths range from some that are traditional to a lot that are far from it. You will most definitely find some pretty unique things, like a medical table that looks like it just stepped out of a nightmare, military love letters (I LOVE THESE), a street crossing sign that had a middle finger instead of a hand for stop (YEAH, I LOVE THAT TOO … don’t hold it against me), and plenty of old buckets, bins, rusty wheelbarrows and more that can give your garden a bit of old school character.

#10 – Home Inspirations, Everett

Everett Mall, Everett

Two locations ago, this shop would have had a place far higher on this list. It’s downsized quite a bit after some forced moves and new resting place as one of the unusual things you will find at the Everett Mall. From what I remember of its Downtown Everett Days though, this shop is a good spot for furniture, usually more on the high end, as well as a good mix of both antiques and vintage/retro items, there’s also a bit of a new made to look old (I’m not really a fan of that). Furnishings and decor are definitely king with this shop though and their vendors have always done an amazing job with presentation. I can’t say anything about their new location, cause we haven’t been there, but if someone has, do let me know all about it!

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