Shopping Snohomish County’s Farmers Markets

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Featured photos are from the 2018 Marysville Farmers Market Season

We are deep in the midst of the Farmers Market season across Snohomish County and, while today’s markets are full of more than just local growers and food producers, they are still the perfect place to get out and have some fun while filling your kitchen with local goodness. The recipe possibilities are already spinning in my head.

What types of food can you find at your local Farmers Market …

The most obvious is the fruits and veggies grown by local farms. You won’t find fresher produce anywhere else, or at better prices. Bonus, it is almost always organic and GMO free. That’s right, it’s better for you. I’m looking forward to strawberries and blueberries most. Probably the carrots too, since the one’s I usually find at the grocery store are usually skinny and limp.

Then there are the food products, ranging from delicious jams and honey to amazing oils, sauces, and seasonings that give your meals a little something unique and special. I for one can’t wait for some more local honey. I put it on, and in, everything, whether it is replacing sugar in baked goodies or adding flavor to meats and veggies. Now I’m working on expanding my honey horizons by experimenting with different varieties.

The food fun doesn’t end there though, there are also baked goodies and foods that you can enjoy at the market or take home for later. The perfect example is one of my faves, Northwest Biscotti. It is the softest and best tasting biscotti you will ever have, it’s like a cookie. The best part, you can munch on it during the market (mine doesn’t always make it home), save it for later, or crush it up and use it for baking.

You may be thinking, aren’t these all things I can find at my local grocer any day of the week or time of year? While that is technically true, what you will find is far from the same. The freshness, quality, and the experience you get finding things at the market, those things can’t be beat by anything some chain store carries on their shelves.

There is more to it than that though, a lot more. The Farmers Markets of Snohomish County serve some very important purposes in our communities. They benefit all of us, not just the makers and farmers that sell at them. I bet you are wondering how … well, don’t worry, I’m here to tell you all about it.

Here are five reasons to support local Farmers Markets:

>> Farmers Markets are the ultimate eat local experience. I’ve just told you all about how you can buy locally grown produce and locally produced foods. It is the perfect way to add some super good for you local flair to your recipes.

>> Farmers Markets are the ultimate shop local experience. They bring together, artisans, artists, and more all in one place on a weekly basis for your shopping pleasure. Who needs the mall, when you can explore booth after booth of unique items you can’t find anywhere else, and buy right from the individuals who make them. Bonus, take the time to learn more about them and what they do while you are there.

>> Farmers Markets are also, you guessed it, the ultimate play local experience, offering local entertainment, events, and the ability to escape from it all and walk around among fellow residents for awhile, to truly become one with your community and the people in it.

 >> Taking the last three points a bit farther, your support of Farmers Markets means you are supporting the vendors who show up, set-up, and sell week in and week out for you and your community. I’ve begun participating in an event here and there, and believe me they should be commended for what they do. It is not easy. By supporting them, you are making it possible for them to continue doing that. More importantly, you are supporting their businesses, their families, and their dreams. That is something you should take pride in.

>> If you didn’t think I could go further, I can. Farmers Markets are also good for you and good for the environment. They provide you with the opportunity to learn more about where your food comes from, to meet the people who grow and produce it, to make and take home healthy food choices, to reduce the number of trucks polluting our atmosphere as they travel across the state and country, and to support local jobs, sustainable farming, and your community.

If you support, your local farmers market or markets already, good for you and keep up the good work. If not, I hope this article, which barely scratches the service of the many reasons to support farmers markets, leads you to one, brings you closer to your community, and changes the way you shop.

Up next you will find info about Farmers Markets available in Snohomish County, including where to go and their current schedules.

Our Farmers Markets

Arlington Farmers Market
Saturday’s ~ 200th N Olympic Ave
Legion Park

Camano Commons Marketplace
Tuesday’s ~ Camano Commons

Everett Farmers Market
Sunday’s ~ Hewitt + Wetmore, Everett
Wednesday’s ~ Everett Train Station

Edmonds Museum
Garden & Summer Market
Saturday’s ~ 5th & Main

Granite Falls Farmers Market
Saturday’s & First Sunday’s
108 Wabash Ave

Gold Bar Farmer’s Market
Saturday’s ~ 428 Croft Ave

Marysville Farmers Market
Saturday’s ~ 9620 State Ave

Monroe Farmers Market
Wednesday’s ~ 125 S Lewis St

Mukilteo Farmers Market (Back 2020)
Wednesday’s ~ 609 Front St
Lighthouse Park

Park Ridge Community Market
Wednesday’s ~ Maltby Rd & 39th

Smokey Point Farmers Market
1st, 3rd, 5th Friday’s
17020 Smokey Point Blvd

Snohomish Farmers Market
Thursday’s ~ 105 Cedar Ave

Stanwood Farmers Market
Friday’s ~ 8727 271st St NW

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