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 The Port of Everett’s Many Amazing Eat Local Options

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If you are looking for somewhere to eat local in Everett, then look no further than the Port of Everett. It is home to some of the best restaurants in the city. Not only that, it offers an amazing range of cuisine types, casual to fine dining, and views that can’t be beat. Sunsets over the Marina and Port Gardner Bay are seriously amazing.

The best part, there is even more to come. Construction is well under way for, hopefully, all kinds of local goodness across the Port. In the meantime though, I’m going to take the time to appreciate what is already there, places that include some of my favorite appetizer, entree, and dessert dishes in the county. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into some of those dishes and some of the Port of Everett’s restaurant offerings …

Italian Fine Dining At Its Best

Lombardi’s Italian Restaurant 1620 W Marine View Dr, Everett, WA

When it comes to local Italian cuisine in Snohomish County, fine dining or otherwise, no one does it better than Lombardi’s Italian Restaurant of Everett and Mill Creek. It also happens to be one of the few restaurants where we don’t take home leftovers or leave anything behind. It is just that good. 

Italian cuisine isn’t always easy to get right, even for the professionals. The smallest variances in temperature and time can take pasta and the sauces that drizzle over them from perfect, to not good. That has never been a problem at Lombardi’s. We’ve dined there numerous times now, and the pasta dishes are always perfection.

For the most part they are traditional favorites … lasagna, spaghetti, tortellini, ravioli … all prepared with a unique twist on what you are used to. My hands down favorite pasta dish there is the Tortellini Gorgonzola (pictured). It’s pure cheese packed goodness, with it found stuffed in the pasta, dripping from the sauce, and crumbled on top. The dish also includes walnuts, we just skip them.

Beyond the pasta, their Neapolitan style pizza is a must try. Lombardi’s being a fine dining restaurant means its pies are fancier than what you might be used to, but that just makes them more delicious. We opt for the Carbonara which has a roasted garlic cream sauce, chicken, prosciutto, and gooey Italian cheeses. They are about 8-10” size, made from fresh ingredients, and feature San Marzano sauce for the other available options (we fell in love with sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes thanks to Brooklyn Bros Pizza).

The only downside to Lombardi’s for me is that I wish they had a larger dessert menu. It is very basic and short, but don’t get me wrong, everything is still delicious. Their Strawberry Tiramisu is pictured. If I’m being honest, the dessert menu really isn’t a deterrent from dining there since you are going to be more than stuffed after enjoying their amazing entrees.

Find out more and check out their menu at www.lombardisitalian.com

Seafood, Burgers & S’Mores, Oh My!

Anthony’s Woodfire Grill 1722 W Marine View Dr Everett, WAd

Anthony’s has not one, but two restaurants, located right next to each other along the marina. Why two? Well, Anthony’s Homeport focuses on seafood, with a bit of steak thrown in, and Anthony’s Woodfire Grill focuses on beef and chicken, with a bit of seafood thrown in. Since, I’m not the biggest seafood fan, we opted for the Woodfire Grill and I am so glad we decided to give it a try.

Like Lombardi’s, the atmosphere is more fine dining than casual and offers amazing views of the marina. The differences come once you start sampling the food. Although … both do happen to serve pizza, and I would be very interested in going back to determine which restaurant makes a better slice. Look at me, already making excused to return!

Enough about that though, lets get to the food we have tried …

While I’m not into seafood in general, I absolutely love clam chowder, so that is how our dinner kicked off. It is by far one of the best chowder’s I have ever tasted, and I’ve been to the Edmonds Clam Chowder Cook Off like twice. That’s not a surprise though, considering it’s not your average chowder. In the bowl you will find smoked salmon, corn, and red potatoes in a creamy lobster bisque.

The chowder was so good, I wouldn’t let the waitress leave with my bowl when our entrees arrived. Nope, I held onto it and finished it up after I’d eaten my burger. It didn’t even matter that it was cold at that point. Now that I think about it, I probably should have taken some of it to go. Maybe next time!

Our entrees of choice included their Wagyu Burger and their Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger, both with bacon. While opting for more casual fare because of it being lunch time, there was nothing quick or fast food…ish about our burgers. The beef and chicken, as well as all of the fixings, were fresh and high quality. The real test of any burger meal is the fries though, and their seasoned ones were just as delicious as the burgers.

Last, but not least, is the dessert that is now my official favorite in Snohomish County. That might just be because of how much I love camping, but I don’t care. I also don’t care that some would probably see Anthony’s S’mores for two as a kid’s dessert. It is so not. 

What it is, is a yummy, and more importantly messy, skillet of gooey goodness. The best part had to be realizing that, despite appearing solid, the chocolate was completely melted on top of the toasted marshmallows. We had a blast trying to scoop both up with graham crackers and eat them without getting some all over the table and ourselves. 

We will most definitely be returning to try out more chowder, S’mores, and entrees off their menu. You should try it too.        

Find out more and check out their menu at www.anthonys.com

Brewery + Pub = A Good Time

Scuttlebutt Brewing 1205 Craftsman Way #101 Everett, WA

Scuttlebutt Brewing is not only one of the oldest and biggest breweries in Snohomish County, it is also one of the few that offers a full restaurant menu for you to sit down and enjoy along with some of their beer. I should also mention that they have their very own root beer, another thing hard to come by when it comes to finding a locally made option.

Their restaurant is the most casual of the four being shared here, and although it doesn’t have marina or bay views, you can totally scope out the historic Weyerhaeuser building located in nearby Boxcar Park while you eat. I have a thing for history and old buildings, what can I say. The real reason to pay Scuttlebutt a visit though, besides picking up a case of their beer, is the food. They are best known for their seafood, which is of the fish and chips variety. Again, I’m not much for seafood, although I will have to give their clam strips & chips a try the next time we visited (those are a new addition to my likes).

So, what do I eat when there. Well, first things first, you have to get an order of their FKC Fries to start with. They are their signature yummy fries topped with lots of cheese and bacon. I’m a sucker for that kind of thing, and there isn’t a lot of local places that serve it. Moving on from that, their burgers are just as good and fresh as those found at Anthony’s. We usually opt for the bacon burger (of course) and chili burger.

The one thing we haven’t had while there is dessert. They offer a root beer float, along with an apple crisp and berry cobbler that have a bit of flair thanks to their beer. Looks like I have another reason to try this restaurant as well!

Everett’S Destination Distillery

Bluewater Organic Distilling, 1205 Craftsman Way #109 Everett, WA

Not only is the Port of Everett home to a destination brewery, it is also home to a destination distillery, Bluewater Organic Distilling. What does that mean? It refers to a distillery where you can not only stop by to taste some of their spirits, but enjoy a bar and restaurant as well while you are there. Fair warning, the restaurant is 21 and over (the tasting area is all ages though). They go above and beyond when it comes to being a destination by classes that are worth checking out.

Class options include the ability to create your own infused spirits and cocktails, learn how to make some of their cocktails, and even get your yoga on in a fun new way. I have been lucky enough to participate in their YogaMosa sessions, hosted by Catalyst Yoga twice. It is an experience that not only includes some relaxation and exercise, but lite bites, and a mimosa as well. I would definitely recommend it. Carly is an amazing instructor and it is a great way to meet new people. I’m guessing their other classes are the same.

As amazing as their spirits and classes are though, the food is the main attraction for me. It is a very short menu, but one that is full of from scratch recipes that feature natural and organic ingredients, found locally where possible. When I dined there, I sat down to their Rustic Mac + Cheese which features a delicious blend of Italian cheeses as well as a slightly spicy sauce. Spicy usually isn’t my thing, but it worked.

While you are there, you absolutely have to try their desserts as well. There is always something different as they base currently available options on what is in season. I had a cobbler that was to die for. You just can to table style meals or desserts.

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