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Our Favorite Sandwiches in Snohomish County

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If you have been following along with Live the SnoCo Life over the last few years, then you know that I am first and foremost a burger kind of gal. If there is one on the menu, I have to try it. That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good sandwich when I see one though. They do have a lot of good things going for them, especially when they are done local style.

There’s freshly made bread, seasoned or so soft you feel like you are biting into a pillow. Cheese of all kinds, sometimes all melted and gooey. Then there is the bacon, big and crispy, and all of the other freshly cut and often locally sourced meats stacked high. Also, lets not forget, that sandwiches come in all kinds, just like burgers. Maybe even more than them, since you could make endless amounts variations when it comes to sandwiches.

Now that I’ve gone and made myself hungry, lets get into it. The SnoCo Kid and I have spent the last several months scouring Snohomish County for the sandwiches to be found. It was originally meant to be a list all about grilled cheese, but once we started trying other options, we decided to think bigger. Don’t worry, grilled cheese still has a spot.

 Across the next few pages you will find nine amazing sandwiches from restaurants (and a coffee shop, and a coffee shop/bakery) in nine different Snohomish County cities. The geography wasn’t even on purpose, that is just how the sandwiches sliced (pun intended). You will also find some honorable mentions at the end for more places to try if you are a connoisseur of sandwiches.

The sandwiches aren’t rated. Nope, no top ten list this time around. Each sandwich is just too different and good in its own right to break them down from best to worst. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a favorite though, or favorites. Definitely favorites. The Grilled Cheese options would be at the top of that list, because I love cheese (on everything). They would be followed by the Never Grow Up option, because I love honey and bananas, and anything that combines them.

Enough about what I like though … Here are our favorite sandwiches. Decide for yourself what you think looks good and get out there and try it. Don’t forget everything else on the menu while you are there because every option is just a small part of some amazing menus.


 Farm Fresh

Artisan Foodworks, Monroe

The Sandwich … The Hubba Hubba Club! Features ham, turkey, bacon, Gouda cheese, and the fixings. 

Christa’s Sandwichboard, Snohomish

The Sandwich … The Beast! Features ham, turkey, bacon, melted Jack & Cheddar cheeses, and the fixings (avocado is lsited on the menu as well, but not included in the pictured sandwich). 

Ever since my heath forced a change to from scratch, farm to table, style eating, I have been a big fan of restaurants that do the same. In fact, they are by far some of my favorites. You can’t beat them when it comes to freshness, and a big reason for that is that their meats, fixings, and breads are locally sourced. So, not only are you supporting a local restaurant, but local farms as well. P.S. Artisan Foodwoorks makes amazing soups as well. Their African Peanut Soup is a must try when available.


Grilled Cheese 

Chanterelle, Edmonds

The Sandwich … The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich! Features Cheddar, Mozzarella, Swiss, Gruyere, and Parmesan Cheese on garlic & herb seasoned Italian bread. Their famous Tomato Bisque is a must when you order this. 

The Bine, Bothell

The Sandwich … The Bacon Grilled Cheese! Features Bacon, White Cheddar IPA cheese, fried Wisconsin cheese curds (the best part), and a smoky aioli on sourdough bread.

I know what you are thinking, grilled cheese is usually something found on the kids menu. If you really think that, then you are missing out. Grilled cheese, done right with different breads and cheese combinations is the best thing you will ever taste. I love a good grilled cheese sandwich as much as I love a good burger. Local restaurants are recognizing this too. Many of them are now featuring versions on their adult menus, like the two above. When you see them on the adult menu, give them a try!


Monte Cristo

Ellie’s At The Airport, Arlington

The Sandwich … Monte Cristo! Features three slices of egg bread with Swiss & American cheeses, ham, and turkey. Bread is extra fluffy and has definite french toast vibes.

Vintage Cafe, Everett

The Sandwich … Monte Cristo! Features four slicess of egg dipped bread with Swiss and Cheddar cheeses, ham, and turkey.

The Monte Cristo sandwich is a bit of an enigma to me. It’s a little bit breakfast (bread dipped in egg and toasted like french toast), a little bit of lunch (all that meat), a little big grilled cheese (all that melted cheese), and a little bit dessert (usually sweet and sometimes featuring powdered sugar). It brings all of those things together while dividing and conquering at the same time – meat and cheese pairing, followed by another piece of bread, then the other meat and cheese paring, and so on.


Everything But The Sink

Diamond Knot, Mukilteo

The Sandwich … Crazy Club! Features Bacon, salami, pepperoni, a fried egg, and Rumiano, Swiss, and Cheddar cheeses with all the fixings on sourdough bread.

 If you have checked out my cooking and baking recipes, then you know that I am a flavor mixer. Nothing is ever simple. Sandwiches that have darn near everything but the kitchen sink are made a bit the same. They bring together multiple meats and cheeses to create a flavor explosion in your mouth.



Hanky Pies, Granite Falls

The Sandwich … Breakfast Sammie! Features Egg, Cheddar cheese, ham, and maple-mayo melted between cheesy bacon bread on a panini press.

While I don’t eat them often, breakfast sandwiches are a good option. When done right, they are basically a grilled cheese sandwich with egg added (I didn’t say bacon, because I always add bacon to grilled cheese). The biggest thing to watch for when it comes to ordering one or not though is the bread – go sourdough, fresh fluffy bread, or the Hanky Pie version.


Never Grow Up

The Cookie Mill, Stanwood

The Sandwich … Nutty Monkey!  Features peanut butter, honey, and bananas on your choice of breads. I opt for their soft and fluffy honey wheat bread.

Grilled cheese is not the only time you should think like a kid when it comes to ordering off a menu. Sometimes the simplest or most childlike options are the best ones. This particular sandwich brings together two of my favorite things, bananas and honey (I have cookies, pancakes, a cake, and more baked with those flavors together). They take the place of jelly in what otherwise would be a PB & J sandwich, and the results are delicious. If you love certain flavors or have fond memories of a dish from childhood, go for it!

Honorable Mentions

Considering this list started out as one about the best grilled cheese sandwiches in Snohomish County, it shouldn’t be a surprise that most of the add-on’s below are, you guessed it, grilled cheese. It doesn’t hurt that The SnoCo Kid often orders it while I’m busy drooling over burgers. Here are some other places to go for grilled cheese and sandwiches:

The Cheesemonger’s Table of Edmonds – Grilled Cheese and other sandwich options

Mel & Mia’s of Edmonds – Grilled Cheese w/turkey, strawberries, and Swiss & Monte Cristo Sandwich

Mountain View Diner of Gold Bar – Huge sandwich and diner style pie options

Sultan Bakery of Sultan – The fresh and super fluffy bread here makes the sandwiches, both breakfast and lunch style 

Live the SnoCo Life is supported by you, our amazing subscribers, and our sponsors Perfectly Knotty of Arlington, Rustic Redemption of Granite Falls, and Farm Fresh Northwest delivery Service of Stanwood.

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