My name is Jessica, and I’m your SnoCo Gal, the voice behind Live the SnoCo Life. While I wasn’t born here (scandalous, I know), I’ve lived in Snohomish County since before I could walk. I grew up in South Everett, went to high school in Snohomish, and have lived in Marysville, Arlington, and now Lake Stevens too.

The technical stuff … I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Juris Doctorate, which makes me a lawyer who clearly doesn’t practice law.

The more important stuff … I like to write and take pictures, obviously. I love not only the makers and businesses of Snohomish County, but the beautiful mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and more that can be found here. I’ve become quite the adventurer if I do say so myself. My favorite SnoCo community is Darrington.

Last, but not least, the most important thing … my life, health, and happiness have all began to revolve around choices over the last year or so. Choosing to live local has brought me an my children closer together, created likes and loves we didn’t even know we had, and more. Heck, despite the baffled expressions on my doctors faces, those choices are even saving my life.

Want to know more, just ask me. I’m an open book these days.

What does it mean to live the snoco life?

It means making local choices, enjoying what our county has to offer that is unique from anywhere else. It means truly being a part of, and connected to, our communities, instead of just living in them. It means supporting those who live in our communities with us, whether they are individuals, makers, or businesses. It means teaching, and sharing, with future generations the history of our cities and county, the importance of community a, the possibility of making their own product or running their own business, and that there are things in life more important than what is on their phone or TV and computer screen. It means choosing to buy and eat local, in ways that promote the sustainability of not only our jobs and local economy, but our food, environment, and resources. It means being part of a movement that makes Snohomish County stronger from within , . . . . . that takes back control from government officials who have gotten so caught up in the bottom line and growth that they no longer represent those they are meant to serve . . . That makes our cities destinations, not just sites for the next housing development or chains store just passing through . . . That makes our cities communities, places people not only want to visit, but stay and live, Join the movement, choose to Live the SnoCo Life