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ELECTRONIC MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION: Receive our monthly magazine each month, right in your inbox. Not only will you get to see each months articles first, but you will also get exclusive access to bonus content (Recipes, DIY Projects, Top Ten Lists, Beyond Our Borders Pieces etc.), our weekly newsletter keeping you up to date on when we share things through our website, free Savings Passport to our annual Holiday Fair (VIP Only),  and 30% off store items and printed publications (four per year, 40+ page books – (1) Cookbook 3/15, (2) Summer Guide 6/15, (3) Maker Guide 9/15, and (4) City Guide 12/15).  See Description below for details about subscription.




Subscriptions renew automatically until cancelled. Bonus Content through our website can be accessed throughout site once logged in or by using the Login  page, then selecting memberships.

There are a maximum of four weeks of content per month to give us a week off for fun and planning four times a year. Subscription includes weekly newsletter informing you of content released during the week so that you don’t miss out on anything.

Upcoming scheduled break weeks for 2019: April 1st-April 5th, July 1st-July 5th, September 30th-October 4th

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